RAM CONSULTING & ADVISORY GROUP LLC                                         

Organizational, Operations and Financial Advice for Strategic Decision Making


​​​​​​RAM CONSULTING & ADVISORY GROUP LLC works with retailers, restaurants and visitor-serving cultural organizations to improve operations & organizational effectiveness through a customer-centric operating model where customers are not just a focus but the center of financial, operational, product and strategic planning decisions.

A customer-centric business can improve satisfaction and increase the value of the experience resulting in the ability to implement a value based pricing strategy that can raise profitability.

Formal consumer research and customer relationship management tools are always helpful but small to medium size businesses with tight budgets and limited resources can grow and be very successful using a customer-centric operating model where leaders have a clear vision, embrace change, foster a culture of teamwork & accountability, use solid financial management tools everyday and of course, establish a rapport, empathy and connection with the customer.

Services to achieving a high performing, customer-centric business include:

  • Organizational Effectiveness Studies: analysis of Leadership, Teamwork, Accountability, Organizational Structure, Culture, Strategy and Customer Understanding

  • Operations Management Reviews: evaluation of Internal Business Processes, Financial Management Tools and activities that directly affect the Customer

  • Decision Making Tools for Growing or Expanding Businesses: Operating Assumptions, Market Profiles, Financial Planning & Financial Proformas

Initial consultations are without charge as engagements are only undertaken when high value and impact can be provided.  A network of industry experts is available for specialized assignments.

Call or use the contact form to begin a collaborative, feedback-rich discussion of your customer, business challenge, goals or opportunities!